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We provide Quick and Affordable CAD drafting services for Florida residential home builders and homeowners including:


  • AutoCAD Drafting
  • Softplan Drafting
  • Custom Home Designs
  • Builder Model Homes
  • Additions & Remodels

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turn-around time
at 2-3 weeks!

Florida Stock Plans


Bluestream Design Studio Florida STOCK PLANS


We can design you a custom home plan for probably less than what you would pay for a "stock" plan. Purchasing stock plans typically go like this: you must first pay for the "stock" plan then pay again to have it modified and then maybe again to have it designed to current Florida building codes. Not to mention, it's very rare you'll find exactly what you want. Don't settle for something that is "almost" what you want or even overpay to have the plan you purchased redesigned to fit your needs.


STOP wasting unnecessary dollars. We will design you a complete, custom designed set of Florida style home CAD plans ready for submittal to your engineer.




Homeowners: Having trouble viewing the plans from those other drafting companies?
We draw in 3D
so you can see what your house will really look like!

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Florida West Coast (941) 275-9931

Florida East Coast (386) 256-8978

Dallas Texas (972) 338-5841


Email: Info@bluestreamdesignstudio.com